Crashdown: The best general Roswell site with the most late breaking news. A number of their screen captures appear in my animations, plus they feature my collages.

The DDD: THE place to celebrate the romance of Max & Liz. A truly wonderful site filled with dreamer anecdotes, collages, and animations. The DDD has the best collection of Max & Liz screen captures, many of which are featured in my animations. The DDD also promotes many of my animations and collages.

Vidiot: All of Roswell's promos in mpeg format and lists of all actors featured in Roswell eps. I've made screen captures from a number of the promos and these are featured in my animations.

Roswell High Screen Grab Galleries: A wonderful collection of screen captures from Roswell episodes. A number of which are featured in my animations.

FanForum: THE message board for Roswellians.

WR's Fanfics: WR's fanfiction is fantastic ~ so very, very Liz-centric. Just the way I like it and I think you'll love it too. I've also done several illustrations for books in the story "The Importance of Being Elizabeth". I think you'll really enjoy it. Go take a look.

The Silver Eggplant: Piper not only makes high quality Roswell music videos of all persuasions, but she also has probably the most unique Roswell website title. It makes me crack up everytime I see it ...and just wait until you see her FAQ page. Seriously folks, be sure to check out the music videos. Her music choices always seem to coincide with mine.

My Favorite Fanfic

Captivated by Darkness by Ash
Fight the Break of Dawn by Ash
Fading into Twilight by Ash
Darkest Days by Ash : An amazing series revolving around Max and Liz, but also including other couples. Fast paced and wonderful to read. Ash should be writing adventure novels in the real world, but thank goodness she does this for us.

Always with You (1-3) by WatcherTara: An exciting series involving our couples!

The Importance of Being Elizabeth by WR: An amazing tale that crosses time and space to follow the love of Max and Liz from the past to the present and how it was meant to be.