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August 18, 2004
I did a little site clean up today. I've added a list of my favorite fanfics in the link section. I've also cleaned up the general link area. I've removed some links which no longer worked and others which have not been updated in two years. If your link is missing and you would like to see it reinstated, please send me an email. One note: Tripod's pop-up ads have gotten truly obnoxious in quantity. I highly recommend adding a Pop-up Blocker (such as Earthlink's) to your computer and please do turn it on when visiting my site and all the other Roswell sites. Take care!

February 18, 2004
It's been a while, hasn't it? Just wanted to mention that the Season 1 DVD collection of Roswell is out. It is available at Amazon and other venues such as Target.

April 20, 2003
I know, I know, it looks like I fell off the edge of the planet. But really, I can't believe it has been so long since my last update. I have a surprise for you. I actually had enough time to do a new collage (or two?). Here they are: Remember
and Journey
I had an incredibly hard time making up my mind about which background I liked better, so I thought I'd give you both. I'd love to hear which you prefer. I usually do the more elaborate sci-fi or fantasy ground, but there was just something so lovely about the simple washed ground. They are both 1024x768. So they make lovely wallpaper. Take care, redhawk

December 7, 2002
Roswell reruns begin January 13th on the Sci Fi channel.

December 5, 2002
Hi there! I know it's been awhile. I hope you're all doing well.
I was watching the Sci-Fi channel the last three nights (yes, I'm watching Taken) and at the half-way point of each episode they have been showing the trailer for Roswell. Season 1 begins January 13th. The Sci Fi channel has a Roswell site up. It was nice to see the trailers again because they were almost entirely of Season 1 clips. Ya gotta love Season 1. If only.... yah, I know you know. Take care and be sure to let me know if any links are not working. Thanks, redhawk
Oh, and by the way. I've given up on getting Netscape to work as well as IE with this site. I wish browsers all supported the same html. It would make our lives so much easier. Netscape users will still be able to use the site. They will just not be able enjoy some of the enhanced features. I'm sorry for those of you whom it has inconvienced, but if you only knew the frustration. ugh. :)

August 1, 2002
The animations are up and working again for those of you with I.E., but I still need to work out the bugs for Netscape users.

July 30, 2002
Changes are being made to the website to bring it down to the 20mb size required of the new tripod. Certain sections will be moving to a new site. I'll let you know when everything is up and running perfectly again. For now most sections should work fine except Season 2 animations. Thank you for your patience.

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