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Max & Liz
Season 1



Leaving Normal

Leaving Normal alternate end

First Kiss

Blind Date Fantasy Kiss ~ short version

Blind Date Fantasy Kiss ~ long version


What's so great about normal?

Blind Date Kiss 1

Blind Date Kiss 2

Cosmic Strawberry Kiss

Sexual Healing Teaser 1

Sexual Healing Teaser 2

Sexual Healing

Crazy Cafeteria Kiss

Crazy Crashdown Kiss

Crazy Diner Kiss

Crazy School Kiss

Crazy "Bob" Kiss

TLV Rain Kiss

TLV Back Room Kiss

Destiny Van Kiss ~ short version

Destiny Van Kiss ~ close-up

Destiny Van Kiss ~ long version

Destiny Jump Kiss

Final Destiny Kiss

Season 2 M&L animations can be found here.

Promos & Behind-the-Scenes

Turning Kiss


JB wpix interview

Christmas Tree of Love

Michael & Maria

Heatwave Eraser Room Kiss

Heatwave Fan Kiss

Heatwave Kiss

Viva Las Vegas Kiss


Connection Kiss

Departure Hug

Alex & Isabel

Heatwave Dream

Prom Kiss

Sean & Liz animations can be found here.